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How much do Equine Assisted Therapy and Learning programs cost to operate?

Running a quality, year-round program for either Veterans or At-risk youth costs approximately $1200/month. 


Be An Angel

BEcome a recurring monthly donor!


Heart of Horse Sense is looking for "Angels", either community-minded businesses/organizations or philanthropic individuals who are willing to donate $100/month for a period of 3-12 months. This kind of donation will help us know what we can commit to offering Veterans and At-Risk Youth on an ongoing basis 3-12 months ahead of time.


With two dozen Angels, we can fund programming for a year! 


Sponsorship Levels

Access full description of Donor Recognition Levels and Tax Deductible Donation Form

  • Platinum Bridle: $5,000 Contribution
  • Gold Belt Buckle: $2,500 Contribution
  • Silver Spurs: $1,000 Contribution
  • Bronze Boots: $500 Contribution
  • Blue Ribbon: $250 Contribution

Your contribution makes a difference!

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Corporate Matching Gifts

Many businesses have programs that match donations made by their employees to their favorite charities.  Ask your employer if this program is in place or whether now is the time to start a corporate matching program at your place of business!  This is a GREAT way to see donation $$$ grow for a cause you support!

Sponsor A Community Program

Please contact us if you're interested in sponsoring one of our community programs including PTSD Therapy Programs, Summer Programs for At-Risk Youth, Overnight Retreats for Veterans at an EAP/EAL farm, and more!