Our Mission

to support professional Trauma-Informed equine services for Veterans, their families, and At-Risk Youth.

Our vision is that every veteran and at-risk youth get access to the therapeutic opportunities horses offer. 

There are many wonderful ways that horses support growth and healing, and it's important that those services be offered in an ethical & safe manner, by well-trained and qualified professionals (both horses and humans). Too often programs with good intentions don't have the ability or the experience to offer the services our veterans and youth deserve.

Heart of Horse Sense fills the need to screen equine service providers in Western North Carolina and the surrounding area to meet the specific and unique needs of Veterans and At-Risk Youth.

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Approved programs must show their staff have training and/or experience in:  

  • Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning

  • Trauma-Informed Treatment

  • Mental Health First Aid

  • Natural Horsemanship

  • CPR/First Aid

  • Veterans and/or Developmental Trauma- Specific Training

Are you a WNC Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning organization who would like to receive grants from Heart of Horse Sense to serve Veterans or At-Risk Youth?

Submit an application packet!   The current application period is closed, but contact us to indicate your interest in applying in the next grant cycle.

In general, HOHS funds specific, approved organizations, not individuals. Equine Therapy Orgs apply to HOHS for funding to serve in the following ways: Individual therapy for Veterans and At-risk youth & family members; group work for Veterans and Youth.  

To get a sense of the process, see our applications below.

Grant Overview and Organization Info for 2017

All programs must fill out the Grant Overview and Organization info document (directly above), and then choose which of the following three grants is being applied for and fill out the appropriate application:

Individual Therapy Scholarship Application for Heart of Horse Sense

Veterans Program Therapy Scholarship Application for Heart of Horse Sense

Youth Program Scholarship Application for Heart of Horse Sense