Heart of Horse Sense

Helping Veterans and At-Risk Youth in Western North Carolina


How much do Equine Assisted Therapy and Learning programs cost to operate?

Running a quality, year-round program for either Veterans or At-risk youth costs approximately $1200/month. 

There are options to set up recurring monthly donations below!

We KNOW we can make a difference!  Since 2003, Horse Sense of the Carolinas has served thousands of clients and has been underwriting services for veterans and many at-risk youth. We created Heart of Horse Sense (an official 501c3 non-profit) so we can continue and expand these services at no cost to veterans, at-risk youth, and their families!

Please make a donation and help us make a difference!

Be an ANGEL!!

Heart of Horse Sense is looking for "Angels", either community-minded businesses/organizations or philanthropic individuals who are willing to donate $100/month for a period of 3-12 months. This kind of donation will help us know what we can commit to offering Veterans and At-Risk Youth on an ongoing basis 3-12 months ahead of time.

Imagine! With two dozen Angels, we can fund programming for a year for both populations! 

Sign up to be an ANGEL - right now!  We also have Angel programs for donations of $25/month or $50/month for 6- or 12-months.  

Angel donations at the $200/month level:

Angel donations at the $100/month level:

Angel donations at the $50/month level:

Angel donations at the $25/month level:



Sponsorship Levels:
Access full description of Donation/Recognition levels and Tax Deductible Donation Form

  • Platinum Bridle: $5,000 Contribution (highest recognition as sponsor)  
  • Gold Belt Buckle: $2,500 Contribution (second highest recognition as sponsor)
  • Silver Spurs: $1,000 Contribution (Silver Spurs level sponsor recognition)
  • Bronze Boots: $500 Contribution (Bronze Boots level sponsor recognition)
  • Blue Ribbon: $250 Contribution (Blue Ribbon level sponsor recognition)

From Blue Ribbon level to Platinum Bridle level -- YOUR DONATION MAKES A DIFFERENCE!

SPONSOR ONE OF OUR COMMUNITY PROGRAMS - including PTSD Therapy Programs, Summer programs for At-Risk Youth, Overnight Retreats for Veterans at an EAP/EAL farm, and more! Learn about the programs we've sponsored to date below:

Questions??  Contact Shannon at: Shannon@HeartofHorseSense.org